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God & I is a Shalom International Fellowship sunday school ministry. It is a place where children can enjoy a big life with a Big God, and where faith, imagination, and learning take place. Come join our ministry to make your children closer and stand strong in the Lord.

Early Childhood Life
Toddler class started by children with age of 1 month to 3 years. As early possible children must be introduced to the Word of God. Children in this class will be taught to listen to stories, recognizing color and picture plus other interesting activities according to their age. The children are thought to understand about salvation in an easy way and also trained to memorize verses or short word according to the Word of God.

Pre-School (4 to 6 years)
At this age, children are able to properly praise and worship the Lord. Since by 4-6 years old the children becoming very active with lots of movement, so the basis of games is given by the form of drama playing, coloring, drawing and bible quiz. All of these activity interests them of knowing the Lord without forgetting their identity as children. Our purpose is to build the character of Christ in them in their daily life. For example : learn to share, work together as one team, dare to speak in front of public and other daily life things.

Grade School (7 to 9 years)
Even so in Grade School Class (7-9 years old) writing and reading activity is given more without forgetting the method of games inside it. Other activities are : Bible quiz, cross-word puzzle, treasure hunt, drama, dancing, watch movie, etc. We lead children to do discussion as one team so they will learn to put others first. They will learn to appreciate other's opinion and submit to the authority.

Grade School (9 to 13 years)
Children within age 9-13 years old, in this class we share an informative story according to their age, such as technology, current issue in the media, faith leaders, relationship with friends and others that are related to the word of God.

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